Design, Implementation, Training

Design for life:

Every time you create something new – you are designing the future.  What you commission and the house and property you choose will be what the next generation uses to build up their life. 

Some things are mechanical, static, and devoid of life. 

Some things grow and create opportunities for life.

How the thing works?, What materials it uses?, Where it goes when it is done? – These are questions we should be asking when we create our living spaces.

We offer services that can help you develop living – breathing domestic spaces.  Safe, comfortable, enriching family gardens and infrastructures where humans feel like part of nature while having their needs met as well.


Let´s have a look at your project. We love to offer advice on any aspect of design.


We offer a personalized process; from preliminary design study to pre-project costs estimate, all the way to a completed Permaculture Design Projects.


From design to finished product our team of professionals can make sure your design is executed on time and with the best quality.


We offer many ways of preparing you, your students or your family to manage and evolve a permaculture project