Design Help

Let’s take a look at your project.  Do you have a design?  Even if it’s only in your mind.  We can help you there if you want.  Let’s get that idea down in a drawing, let’s find out what the limits are, let’s understand what we are dealing with.

·In What phase are you in your project? 

·What is your overriding vision? 

·What do you really want to achieve with your design?

We love to help people find the right articulation of their dreams.  From where to where?


What do you need to complete this design?  Trees, shrubs, plants, rocks, buildings, paths, fountains, animals, irrigation systems, demolition, etc? What do you need to bring to make it work?  What are the best most ecological, synergistic, sustainable and economical means and materials to use, and where do they go in the space you are designing?


Do you have questions about plant design?  What is the purpose of the species selection in your office garden?  What is the climate you are designing to permit, and how can you go about acquiring the best plants for your forest?


How are you going to afford it?  If it’s not money, it’s time or credibility.  Everything in your design needs to help you complete itself.  In what order do you put each element and with what connections will determine the viability of your design.

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