About Us

Family-owned and operated company
specializing in Permaculture Solutions

As the means to a realistic goal set back in 2005; that to create necessary resources for the evolution of human forests in our bioregion.    The Permaculture Design Studio of Málaga offers local residents a resource with which to give positive shape to their immediate sorroundings.

The studio is a work in progress, the result of many years of progressive design.  A set of tools to answer several important needs in the field of human spatial design with respect to our living and working spaces.

These tools needed are good study and design of elements for Permaculture Projects. Experience, Capacity, and Creativity are key to successfully execute good design at a reasonable price with acceptable quality, and Tools and workforce to get the jobs done right.  These tools are to be put to use on Permaculture Design Implementation and the evolution of Human Forests and Forest Gardens.

Meet The Team

Over 20 years of experience


Seth Andrew Thomspon

Manuel Martínez González

Rosa García Navarro

Jorge Montenegro

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