There are many reasons for us to come out for a visit:

~ Searching the market for a new farm?  Our number one service is helping people find the right farm. We can accompany you to the plot to meet the owner or visit it for you beforehand.  We Ask the right questions and tell you the range of options you have for each piece of land.

~Would you like an opinion about a particular situation or element?  We love finding solutions.  The best solutions are those where; everyone wins, life is enhanced, and when a system finds better stability.

-We can give you simply advice on a topic of space or,

-Produce for you an analysis report about the specific issue or project with which you need assistance.

~Let’s find the best professional for the job at hand.  After an inspection or teleconsultation, we can help you find the right way of going about you design and who would be the best to help if you need it.

~What is the best plant arrangements of plants for you?

We look at climate, orientation, extension, altitude, humidity, and your design vision to help you create a plant scheme.  We can also help you plan that plant scheme out in time.

Ask us about our service prices

We charge by service or by the hour depending on the type of service.


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