Landscaping and Maintenance Services

Unique Gardening and Infrastructure Solutions

Landscape Design

Tradicional and Edible landscape design.

Periodic Plant Care

Weekly, Monthly or Seasonal plant maintenance.

Infrastructure Repair and Maintenance

Repairs of all existing structures and their periodic Maintenance

What´s Special about our approach to Landscaping?

Some times its not what you take away but what you leave.  The earth, life, and the landscape are all one and the same.  To search for harmony with the local colors and the play of light.  To understand the patterns and cycles of the native flora and observe her fauna.  Landscaping is an art of making the surrounding space better, nicer and more agreeable by using natural and living elements.   By creating continuity in color, pattern and species a harmonious environment emerges.  Adding to the complexity of a natural matrix results in a new type of landscaping, a Permanant  landscaping.

Landscape Design

Urban Forest, Forest Garden, Backyard Garden, Enchanting Glades

Take your property to the next level by growing a human forest—complete with human symbiotic plants and Permaculture Design Logic.

Plant Selection and Sourcing

With years of experience, we help you make an informed selection about plant, animal and fungal varieties.- to optimize, according to your vision, the functions of your garden.   As producers of plants, we can recommend the most adequate plants in season and help you find the best plants from other nurseries.

Specific Element Build

We can help you build or find any element that you would like to incorporate into your garden, like: dry toilets, outdoor showers, natural swimming pools, pagoda, grape arbor, fountain, etc

Routine Plant Care

Pruning, Trimming and Strimming

With the change of season and as we develop a forest garden, there will always be a need for routine plant trimming.  We can make a strategic plan that best suites the needs of your Garden or Project.

Compost Services

That plant mattter is the best food for your garden, we can make a routine plan to manage this material.


As a routine service, we include new species.  Biodiversity enriches the local fauna and stengthens the resiliencia of your forest garden –

Care and Maintenance

Each plant has special care needs, as a matter of course we can personalize a plant attencion routine for all of your prized specemines

Infrastructure Repair and Maintenance


Keep that indoor and outdoor wooding an furnature in oiled and clean conditions.

Infraestructure Repair

We can help you keep all brick and masonry structures in good repair.

Irrigation Systems

Lets make sure those tubes and valves are working.

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