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Seth Andrew Thompson, Diplomante, ACAPI, 2023

DESIGN PROCESS: Diplomante Path, ACAPI 2020-2023 Seth Andrew Thompson

Process: G-R-O-W-E-R


All frameworks may be as complex or as simple as a designer chooses to make them.  In the case of my own personal capacitation I am inspired to select a model that permits me to begin with a set of objectives and work out paths to attain those goals.  For this design, I show how this design process and its objective are part of my larger life design process.   Additionally, I offer designs which demonstrate my process in the achievmennt of these goals.

I feel fortunate to know with clarity what my goals are.  They are divided between the vision I see for my life, the vision, and mission of the project that I share with my life partner Rosa Garcia Navarro, and the objectives that I have for this period of my life.

The information that I use to transform my goals to actuality has a diverse conceptual base, but is predominantly sourced from within my own experience.  To attain my goals, I will need to reconcile acquired abilities with my personal vision of my life in order to focus on the most adequate routes to success, while strengthening the shared fabric of the vision/mision of our existing life project. The aforementioned goals may be reached by several routes.  My hope is that by a clear analyisis of the objectives combined with a clear analysis of my shared reality will confirm the paths I have chosen for the realization of my goals.

Every route can be traversed in a variety of ways.  By identifying and analyzing the most important chooses in each of the paths that I choose to walk down I can create priorities, schedules and avoid errors.

How am I going to do it?  This diploma process has been and is being an amazing opportunity to prepare my self for work as a permaculture designer.  How can I put it all together?

What are the indicators?  How do I measure feedback?

Who judges my design? and When do I know keep going or change directions?